Grace Day (Traveler 0027), played by Jennifer Spence, is the guidance counselor at Trevor Holden's high school who later has her consciousness overwritten to become Traveler 0027, one of the programmers who assisted in creating The Director. She was first seen as Grace Day (the guidance counselor) in episode three, Aleksander, and later first seen as Traveler 0027 in episode 11, Marcy.

Averted Death

Grace was to have died as a result of a traffic accident at 11:27 am while on her way to her dentist appointment. This was however not the case as Trevor had learned of this T.E.L.L. from Philip Pearson and attempted to save her from the consciousness transfer by sedating Grace before she could be on her way. Trevor took her to the forest and waited until the time of her historical death passed while telling her of him being a Traveler before considering letting her leave. Grace managed to convince Trevor to allow her to walk out of the forest without getting sedated once more and used this opportunity to flee. While in her car she dialed the 911 emergency number, but was taken over by Traveler 0027 in the end, having found her using GPS and voice recognition.