FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren (Traveler 3468), played by starring cast member Eric McCormack, is the leader of the show's core team. The host body is married to Kathryn MacLaren, though the Traveler consciousness, Traveler 3468, is in a relationship with fellow traveler team member Carly Shannon. Though, by the end of season 1, this relationship appears to have ended.

Averted Death

Grant was to have died from a fall down an open elevator shaft while in pursuit of Jonas Walker, a suspected killer that the FBI was investigating. He was saved by Trevor Holden who grabbed him as Grant lunged after a dropped cellphone.


3468 Future History

Traveler 3468 followed a vegan diet in the future, as he expressed dislike for cow's milk in his coffee and suggested to Kathryn that they try something vegan for dinner. It's been suggested that this isn't an uncommon diet as Vincent Ingram says that newborn life in the future is rare and precious and Ellis says that he cried when he realised what bacon was.

He was also in a relationship with Traveler 3465 (Carly Shannon), but they thought it was best to follow protocol 2 and so end their relationship. It also would've been complicated by the fact that the host was already married and the traveler needs to keep up appearances.


Before Grant's expected death, he had been married to his wife, Kathryn, for nearly ten years and had been working for the FBI for nearly fifteen, alongside his partner, Walt Forbes. Through memories, it's shown that Grant really loved his wife Kathryn and that they'd thought about having children together, which included Kathryn having a miscarriage.

Grant was investigating some code which had been discovered in the deep web, which led him to the building where Jonas Walker, a shooter, had already been found by the team and who was historically taken out prior to Grant's death. He went to meet ne of the other four team members, as Marcy had used David's computer and so had called him instead, Trevor's mom answered the door as Trevor was out, and Detective Gower was following Philip instead of Grant himself. In the evening, he met all four of them as they met in an abandoned building where they took out Jonas Walker, with historical records showing that Grant had taken him out. Trevor saved him from falling to his death after dropping his phone down an elevator shaft. They then explain who they are in the seconds before traveler 3468's consciousness is transferred into his body. (Travelers)

Traveler 3468

Traveler Grant greets his team and is happy that they all managed to make it. (Travelers) After completing their first mission, Grant goes home to his wife and ends up sleeping on the sofa. He meets his wife who makes coffee for him (though he throws it out because it has cow's milk in it) and calls her by her full name, which he hadn't done since their first date.


  • It's unclear how long his host had been married to Kathryn. In the episode Protocol 6, he says he needs to see his 'wife of eleven years' but in 17 Minutes he says it's their tenth anniversary.