"This kid is older than all of us put together."
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Trevor Holden (Traveler 0115), played by starring cast member Jared Abrahamson is a member of the show's core Traveler Team and the team's Engineer. The host body is a high school student — a jock and quarterback of his school's football team — who was dating Rene Bellamy. Though the host body is the youngest of the core team, it has been stated that he is by far the oldest Traveler.

His father is Gary Holden (played by William MacDonald). His mother is Patricia Holden (played by Teryl Rothery).

Averted Death

Trevor was to have been beaten to death in an illegal, underground cage fight. After the consciousness transfer happened, the traveler was able to concede the fight.


0115 Future History

Traveler 0115 is the oldest member of the team (despite being in the youngest body) as he was part of the team who began experimenting with consciousness transfer. His actual age is unspecified, though he says he has lived in “many bodies.”

After Grant MacLaren's unborn baby had died, Trevor mentioned that he had had two sons who had died of old age before his arrival in the 21st century.


Before Traveler 0115's consciousness was transferred into Trevor's mind, Trevor was a notorious bully and the star quarterback of his high school's football team. Most likely due to this, Trevor's grades were lacking and didn't seem to be much of a priority to him, as, according to his father, he was hoping for a football scholarship.

Early in the first season, it is revealed that Trevor ran a shoplifting operation with his girlfriend and his friend Nick, and he also took prescription drugs, of which Nick often stole for him from Trevor's mother. Also, as seen in the first episode, Trevor often took part in illegal underground cage fights, which would have been where he died if it hadn't been for Traveler 0115 calling off the fight after the consciousness transfer.

In season 2, it is also revealed that Trevor, along with his friend Kyle, had both been sexually abused by their football coach Carson Perry. As well as many other boys under Carson Perry's coaching. Along with Philip's (3326) help, 0115 eventually exposed him.

Traveler 0115

Traveler 0115 conceded the fight which would've killed his host, saving his body.

He met his host's parents early the next morning (as they pointed out that he was up surprisingly early). His father, Gary, lectured him on how stupid it was for him to have gone to the underground cage fight, mainly because it could ruin his chances in football while his mother worried about him. They were both surprised at how polite he was.

He later meets his girlfriend, Rene, who is worried about him and then takes him inside with the intention of having sex with him, but Trevor wasn't interested in that. He lied to her, and later to his friend Kyle, telling her that the concussion made him forget things and possibly cause personality changes and that he needed help remembering them.

He goes to the abandoned building to meet his team in the night and saves Grant from falling down the elevator shaft. He provides the countdown to consciousness transfer while the rest of the team explain what they are. He also prevents Joans Walker's shooting rampage by killing him. (Travelers)

When the team cannot hand over the antimatter container after the team leader dies, Trevor thinks he knows how to make the container last longer. However, his plan backfires and ends up cutting the time into only a couple of hours, so the team have no option but to return the antimatter to Deleney's lab. (Protocol 6)


  • Needles make him uncomfortable.
  • Trevor is seen to refer to his host's father as "Gary" instead of "Dad", which seems to greatly annoy him.
  • Trevor has often been shown to enjoy meditating, especially when he's stressed or needs to clear his mind.
  • He enjoys burgers, even though they contain meat, joking that it was 'ground meat'.