Vincent Ingram (Traveler 0001 & Traveler 5692), played by guest star Enrico Colantoni, was the host for the proof of concept traveler. 001’s only mission was to travel back to the 21st century, send a message that the teleportation worked sucessfully, and then die in the 9/11 attack. However, due to a computer malfuntion, he was unable to send a message and so instead fled the building and then decided to continue on with life. This resulted in him breaking Protocols 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Adverted Death

001 was sent to the World Trade Center in New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001, where he was supposed to take over the body of stockbroker Anthony Corrigan. Due to a miscalculation, he instead took over the body of an IT worker fixing Anthony's computer, just prior to the terrorist attacks.

He then attempted to send a message to prove that consciousness transfers worked, but the broken computer crashed meaning that he wasn't able to send the message at that time. Instead of dying in the 9/11 attacks as he was supposed to, he instead ran out of the building as fast as he could with some money he had stolen and decided to set up a life for himself but knowing that he would always have to be in hiding.


0001 Future History

Little is known about what he was like in the future. Only that he was 'being eaten away from a disease which doesn't exist yet', as he told his therapist. He also explained that he volunteered to go first as 'no one would have to die that wasn't going to die': the transfer would be a misfire and he'd die which he was anyway; the transfer would be unsuccessful and Anthony (the attempted host) would die; or the transfer would be successful and then he would've died in Anthony's body within minutes.

It's also assumed that he didn't have a wife or any children as he tells the therapist that he could never imagine having a family in the time he's from. (Ave Machina)


Little is known about the host. Only that he was an IT technician who started working at an investment company some time before 9/11. Although he runs away, it's also presumed that he didn't have any form of close family (a wife, husband, and/or child) who would've tracked him down. (Ave Machina)

Travler 0001

When he arrived, his first instict was to send the message as fast as he could. However, the computer malfunction which prohibited him from sending the message. He grabbed some cash from a nearby safe, tried to warn everyone on the floor (who thought he was crazy), and then ran down the stairs as fast as he could. He decided to continue living the life of his host, rather than completing his mission.

He worked with a man named Oliver Norton, who he knew would be a tech millionaire as a result of some 'markets prediction software'. He told him he had the software but didn't like being public about it all, so Oliver acted as the face of the company while he fed the company information about market trends which he knew from research from the future. The 'software' came with one condition though: they wouldn't be able to make any large impact on the market as the software would then give inaccurate predictions. The firm was very successful and they both became millionaires.

When the company was very wealthy, Oliver decided that Vincent needed an assistant and so hires a woman named Irene. He then falls in love with her and they have a child together - a son named Taylor. One night, Vincent fell asleep with baby Taylor in his arms and so Irene took a photo and sent it to a friend. The Director was able to track this and so tried to have a message sent through her. However, the adult mind isn't able to cope with it, which they predicted a 40% chance of happening, and so it killed her and Vincent never received a message, although knew he had to be careful if he wanted to live.

A year later, his company was under investigation by the FCC as their company was unusually accurate and making predictions in the market. Oliver had been given an offer to sell the company (including Vincent's 'software') and wanted to, while Vincent knew that it was never possible as there was no software, there was only him and his knowledge from the future. Oliver, not believing him, tells him to listen to the offer and so Vincent tells him the truth. Oliver then calls someone, though it's unknown who, while Vincent shouts at him and tells him not to. The FCC was tracking his phone and so The Director was able to track were Vincent was through the GPS on Oliver's phone and voice recgnition. They then send a message through Oliver, telling Traveler 001 that he needed to 'self-terminate' as he was outside mission parameters. As the adult brain cannot survive the shock of being a messenger, Oliver then dies in front of him. (Ave Machina)

After this, Vincent put up barriers around him so that he wouldn't be found again, which included locking himself in his house and not allowing any kind of electronic device in it aside from his computer which he has multiple locks on to prevent any hackers from gaining access to, as Philip found as he tried to hack in. From here, he controls the TV screens where he asks questions to the other travelers who have been found and captured in one of his facilities, as well as keeping profiles and pictures on all the known travlers. (Ave Machina) (Jacob)

About four years before the team arrived, Vincent met Grant MacLaren at a charity dinner along with his wife. The dinner was to raise funds for a hospital. It also had an auction where there was some art on display which had been designed by one of the patients (Simon, presumably) at the hospital. Vincent was taken by the art and wanted to buy all of it. (Simon)

Vincent then went on to meet Simon in the hospital where he was living and the one where Marcy would work. Simon knew who he was and that he should've died, but didn't. Vincent convinced him that the Director had given him a new mission, one which would help Simon. The two of them helped to build the machine which Vincent then used on Marcy and led to her being mentally disabled. He also bribed anyone who got in his way, including Dr. Caroll who was head of the ward and the nurses who helped the patients. Eventually, he realised that the project was a failure and so gave up and pulled all funding from the institution, which was reliant on his funding, leading to Marcy and Simon becoming homeless. (Simon) (21C)

Grant MacLaren crosses paths with Vincent when he's investigating the deaths of four travelers who'd been captured and tortured in a warehouse which had been owned by his company. He's asked to leave his gun and phone at the entrance to Vincent's house with one of his servants when he goes to question Vincent. Vincent answers all the questions bluntly and gets the meeting over as quickly as possible, giving a way as little as possible. Before Grant leaves, Vincent remembered meeting him and his wife at a charity gala five years previously, although there was no evidence of him being there. Suspicious, Grant gets Philip to hack into his system and finds all the files that he keeps on everyone. (Jacob)

After seeing all thing the files and images he has, the team decide that they need to kill him and Vincent sends his men out to kill the team. However, they both receive messages, the team from a young girl and Vincent from his son who steps outside the house's protective boundaries, are both told to stand down and not go after each other. The messages were sent by the Faction for unspecified reasons. They both decide to stand down and Vincent runs away with his son. (Jacob)

The team next hear of Vincent when they meet Simon and they go to track him down through his therapist, Dr. Perrow. They think they've tracked him down to a far away barn with no electricity running through it but Vincent knows that they're trying to kill him. Him, or one of his men, cut out her communicator and kidnap her. (Simon)

Grant meets Vincent and his two security men. Vincent states that he tortured travelers to find out if the Director is still after him, which it is. He decided that he's going to face the Director after having sixteen years when he wasn't supposed to be alive, but only after he'd made arrangements for his son so that his son wouldn't face the consequences of his actions. He also held Kathryn as a hostage to stop the core team from coming after him.

Vincent realises that the team is trying to track him down and so forces them to make and send him videos of them confessing to being travelers. They do and it then starts to circle around the news. He sits in a room, watching videos of his son before sitting in front of a webcam where the Director finds him and tries to overwrite him, but his consciousness is no longer there as it'd been transferred to Dr. Perrow. (001)

Traveler 5692

Traveler 5692 took over Vincent's body when the Director discovered his location. He spoke into the webcam, confirming that he had arrived successfully. The transfer was remarkably short as there was no consciousness in the body. It's presumed that the Director thought that he'd been overwritten.